Cougar Leathers offer a range of repairs, alterations and cleaning services.

 Leather Alterations
With over 12 years experience in repairs and alterations I can alter most motorcycle clothing for a better fit.

 Leather Repairs
We can repair or replace scuffed or torn panels, stitching and zips ensuring the garment is back to it's original strength (in some cases better than original) and look. Seams are double stitched , then top stitched (except for overlays). Moto grade leather is used with colours matched as near as possible. Heavy duty 30 or 50 grade thread is used.

We can fit full / half or short zips to allow you to mix and match most makes of clothing.  Nylon helical zips are used in preference due to their strength (10mm, 8mm, 7mm). Full range of zips in stock.  If we haven't got the zip you want we will try and find one.

We can fit any body armour to suits / jackets and jeans.
Upgraded body armour can also be fitted and adjusted for comfort.
Back protectors can also be fitted to suits / jackets.
High protection T-Pro body armour is used that can be layered up to three or four layers.

 Lettering / badges / Logos
We can add your own artwork or names to all makes of suits / jackets and jeans.
Badges and patches can also be added (with or without clear plastic protection)




For all your motorbike leather repairs, lettering, logos. Alterations and crash repairs.
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